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All the electricity meters from Skövde Energi measure by the hour.

  • Flexible price

The price of electricity is constantly moving up and down due to the market´s oscillations. A flexible electricity contract would mean that your price will vary from month to month. The flexible electricity price is based on the so called ”spotting price” that is declared on the Nordic electricity exchange, NordPool.

  • Hourly rate

If you are able to direct your energy consumption to the cheapest hours, this is the contract for you. To gain the most out of your hourly rate contract you need to have the interest of studying the movement of the electricity price that changes over the day and night, you can do this through an app or on the internet – in this way you will optimize your outcome. In this way you will be able to consume the most during the cheapest hours.

  • Fixed price

You sign a fixed price/kWh and thus get the same cost per kWh during the period of contract. Various electricity trading companies do not have a fixed price contract right now due to the constant fluctuations on the electricity exchange.

  • Indication price

If you do not sign an electricity trading contract you will receive an indication price, which is the most expensive price/kWh there is. To get a better price it is to your benefit signing a electricity trading contract.

At www.elpriskollen.se you will find Sweden’s only non-biased web site for comparing prices.

On your invoice you can see for how long your contract is signed.

The meters at Skövde Energi have a HAN-port with RJ 45. If you are interested in this, please send an email to info@skovdeenergi.se for more information.

As a costumer you do not have to contact us about changing meter for solar panel installation, if the meter needs to be change it will be done automatically.

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